Ricardo PerezRicardo Perez is the head Instructor of Team Toro Janjira Muay Thai he has Over 20 years experience in the Art of Muay Thai once as a Professional Fighter and now as a Trainer. He has Trained various Professional Muay Thai Fighters as well as MMA and Produced several Professional and Amateur World and National Champions, Has taken fighters to compete all over the U.S and the World! Has had Fighters in the toughest tournaments. He has had Fighters in the Prestigious I-1 tournament in Hong Kong as well as the Kings cup in Thailand, Ricardo has trained and lived in Thailand around 15 times and continues to go to Thailand to further his education in the art of Muay Thai to bring back the latest techniques to his Students. He has Trained at Sityodtong Gym under Kru Toy, Kru Bat and Kru Yodtong Sennenan, As well at , Sor Pleonchit Gym, Chuwatanna Gym, Por Pramuk, Sitpholek Gym, WMC Lamai, But the Person who Ricardo calls Master and Friend is Kru Saekson Janjira he is the man that has Guided and Continues to Guide Ricardo in his Journey to bring back the best Muay Thai in the Midwest.

Six-time World Champion Saekson Janjira is recognized as one of the best trainer’s in America. Saekson Janjira has produced many of today’s Top Champions in most of the Martial Arts events around. Janjira Muay Thai is used in most of today’s Martial Arts Events, (UFC, K1, King of the Cage, and all other major competitions around the world. Janjira Muay Thai doesn’t’t just train people in the art of Muay Thai but how to be Muay Thai Champions.

If you’re looking to get in shape and tone up try Team Toro Fitness ADVANCED TRAINING SOLUTIONS with Luka Rachowsky, Luka is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and a Team Toro assistant Muay Thai instructor as well as a Muay Thai Amature National Champion if you are looking to tone up lose weight or get sport specific trainer try Luka.

To schedule a Private call 630-640-2686 price $40.00 for 1 session $150 for 5 sessions paid in full.

Anthony Ferro

After watching the first UFC in ’93, I was immediately intrigued and quite impressed by Royce Gracie. While serving in the Marines, I started to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in November 2006.

I have trained under black belts, James Wright and Mike Rose; also Jerry Raider and Nate Marquardt. In 2009, I found Uflacker Academy, which I call my home today. My Jiu Jitsu has become technical due to Uflacker Academy and the guidance of founder, Christian Uflacker, who currently holds multiple championships. I currently hold a purple belt under Christian and hope to get my brown belt by the end of this summer.

I’ve been competing in tournaments since 2008 and hold 17 medals. I am 3-0 in MMA due to my knowledge of Jiu Jitsu. I continue to strive to improve my skills and become a black belt. I want to share my knowledge to teach others the art of Jiu Jitsu and hope that they enjoy it as much as I do.


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